Is the Jordan 1 Mid Good?

There are two types of sneakerheads: those who care about the culture and those who just want to be trendy. Inevitably, a small percentage of people fall into both categories. A variety of factors also influence sneakerheads’ views on shoes.

As a result, some sneakers face discrimination that could last for the rest of the time, both within the community and within the shoe. Of course, such criticisms are common, and in some cases, they’re well-founded.

Some pairs, on the other hand, seem to find themselves in these types of discussions repeatedly. After being a part of the sneaker scene for a while, I’ve noticed that when people discuss “bad” sneakers, the Air Jordan 1 Mid is frequently at the top of the list.

Is the Jordan 1 Mid good

Is the Jordan 1 Mid good?

Here are some reasons why the sneaker community “hates” the shoe in question, hoping to enlighten those new to the scene.


This could be the ultimate explanation for why the mid-top Air Jordan 1 is always the target of hatred. For sneakerheads, it’s a no-brainer to choose the more valuable item. A choice must be made between gold and silver because the two metals’ properties are incomparable.

As one of the most recognizable sneakers of all time, the Air Jordan 1 High is widely considered to be the beginning of the shoe game. Hardcore sneaker collectors are often more interested in a shoe’s history than in its current hype, which is why the Air Jordan 1 High has such a prominent place in the community’s history. As a result, whether or not they are into sneakers, a non-sneakerhead cannot avoid hearing about the Air Jordan 1 High.

Another reason is that the high tops’ materials are superior to the mids’, despite their nearly identical appearance. Leather is a common ingredient in highs, while other materials like nylon, nubuck, and suede are commonly used in mids. As a result, the Air Jordan 1 Mid’s reputation has been tarnished the most. Air Jordan 1 Mids are always expected and assumed to be as good as the high tops by sneaker enthusiasts. Of course, such a thing will never occur.

Many people are enraged by the amount of “what ifs” that are thrown around when a new colorway of the Air Jordan 1 is released because of the constant comparisons between different pairs.


Collectors of today, as well as those who are new to the scene, tend to follow the herd. Some pairs of sneakers are sought after despite the lack of historical significance because of a single factor: hype.

Since the advent of celebrity sneaker collaborations, the market for these shoes has grown exponentially. As a result of their fame and charisma, people become addicted to shoe collecting.

In no way, shape, or form are we saying that sneaker collaborations are bad for the industry. Sneaker culture has grown and become more diverse as a result of collaborations. Some so-called shoe collectors, on the other hand, are only interested in the sneakers for the sake of collecting them. Quite a few of them only know the shoe’s price tag and not its backstory.

For some reason, collectors aren’t interested in the mids. That’s the truth, as far as I can tell.

Even though Michael Jordan wore them during a game, the mid-top Air Jordan 1 does not have as much history as other models in the Air Jordan line. It’s essential to keep in mind that in the world of sneaker collecting, both rarity and history add value.

A major blow to the duo’s reputation was the absence of collaborations and original colorway ideas. A few notable references can be found on a select few colorways of this pair; the rest are merely reissues of the Air Jordan 1 High.

Off-White and Travis Scott’s Air Jordan 1 Mids will sell out in a heartbeat if they’re released by Off-White. That single spark plug is all these pair is missing.


Even at retail, the mids are a snap to nab. Many colorways are still in stock and rarely go out of stock immediately. Overpaying for goods and services is, therefore, almost never justified.

As a result, people, particularly resellers, avoid the pair because they can’t make any money. Sneakerheads aren’t necessarily defined as people who buy and sell sneakers, but they still play a significant role in purchasing sneakers.

It’s business as usual. Resellers will likely overlook a pair if none of the following criteria are present: history, hype, collaborations, and value. As a result, many of today’s “sneakerheads” are resellers who only look for pairs they can resell.

Sneaker culture is becoming increasingly dominated by resellers, and the likes of Air Jordan 1 Mid are frequently left out of the conversation.


The hate for the Air Jordan 1 Mid has been around for a long time, but in today’s social media-dominated world, it spreads much more quickly. Even a simple remark from a well-known member of the community can cause dominos to fall quickly.

Sneakerheads, in hindsight, enjoy riding the waves and blending in. As a result, even those with no personal vendetta against the sneaker will begin to dislike it due to its current craze.

It’s common in the sneaker world, and the media doesn’t seem to care. Consequently, when someone labels a sneaker “trash,” everyone else follows suit. Fundamentally, the hatred of some sneakerheads isn’t based on any facts or logic; rather, it’s based on cultural judgments.

Sadly, this system in the sneakerhead community discourages others from purchasing what they desire. Sneaker culture has a dark side, and the Air Jordan 1 Mid is its most common victim.

Do you think that the Air Jordan 1 Mid is to blame for all the negative attention?

The Air Jordan 1 Mid, in my opinion, deserves a place on everyone’s shoe shelf. Even though the two aren’t the best, they’re still a great deal. Regardless of the comparison between the highs and the mids, the latter is quite good and long-lived. The Retro Highs have also influenced some of the colorways. Because mids are easier to find and cheaper than highs, buying a pair isn’t a problem.

The Air Jordan 1 Mid could be considered a good entry-level shoe. If you’re new to the sneaker scene, picking up a pair of mid-tops can boost your confidence before you go out and buy overpriced, hyped sneakers and suffer massive “L’s.

Even if you’re joking, the Air Jordan 1 Mids are more affordable and easier to style. Remember that high tops aren’t for everyone so that a mid-top might be a better choice.

Let me give you some advice as a fellow sneakerhead: Wear the shoes you want, and don’t let anyone else dictate what you wear.

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