Nike Has Stopped Online Orders For Russia

Nike Has Stopped Online Orders For Russia

Nike has stopped online orders for Russia as the global sportswear brand can’t guarantee delivery at this time. This interruption also affects Nike’s app, both of which will be offline for some time until further notice – customers should head over to local retailers if they wish to continue ordering from them during these difficult times.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Nike operates about 116 stores in Russia, most of which appear to be open according to their website. However, this doesn’t seem possible given the intense political landscape and protests resistive against Russia’s active invasion into Ukraine; it might also have something to do with logistics being difficult during such time? Other shipping conglomerates like FedEx or UPS have officially suspended shipments too – so we recommend avoiding these companies if you want your order delivered successfully.

Nike, one of the most prominent brands in sportswear has not made an official statement on this matter or what is happening with Ukraine but their behavior follows suit like many other companies that have cut back business for now. E-Commerce retailers Net A Porter and Farfetch Suspended shipping to Russia mentioning Apple Pay might not work among other forms too which means you can no longer find products from these companies at your favorite store unless they resume sales soon. Outside fashion & footwear sexy apparel retailer Ford Motors stopped selling cars directly while Dell electronics halted production lines across Europe.

It’s unclear how Nike plans to keep their Russian retailers fulfilled, but we will continue to update this story as it develops. Service message from the Nike Russia website that reads:

Nike currently cannot guarantee product delivery to purchasers in Russia. Therefore, purchases on the website and the Nike app are temporarily unavailable in this region. Visit your nearest Nike store.

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