Master Your Game with These Full Court Basketball Drills

Basketball players understand the importance of regular practice to improve their skills on the court. While natural abilities can take a player far, mastering the game requires dedicated practice. In this article, we will explore a variety of full court basketball drills that will help players enhance their endurance, speed, and overall skills on the court. These drills are suitable for players of all ages and skill levels and can be done individually or with teammates.

Key Takeaways:

  • Full court basketball drills are essential for enhancing endurance, speed, and overall performance on the court.
  • These drills can be done individually or with teammates to improve skills at any age or skill level.
  • Regular practice and dedication are key to mastering the game of basketball.
  • Stay consistent and focus on proper technique to see improvements in your performance.
  • Incorporate these drills into your training routine to become a well-rounded player.

Drill 1 – Cutthroat (1 on 1 Closeouts)

One of the most effective full court press basketball drills is Cutthroat, also known as 1 on 1 closeouts. This drill is highly competitive and simulates real-game situations, making it an ideal choice for players looking to enhance their defensive skills and overall game awareness.

Here’s how the Cutthroat drill works: multiple players roll the ball from under the hoop to the offensive player positioned at the top of the key. The offensive player must make quick decisions while the defender reacts to their movements. This drill forces both players to think on their feet and develop their defensive skills, decision-making abilities, and agility.

The Cutthroat drill is particularly beneficial for guards facing off against guards, or big men matching up against big men. By practicing this drill regularly, players can improve their defensive techniques, learn how to read offensive movements, and develop quicker reaction times on the court.

Elevate Your Game with Competitive Basketball Drills

If you’re looking to take your basketball skills to the next level, incorporating competitive basketball drills like Cutthroat into your training routine is essential. These drills not only improve your physical abilities but also challenge your mental acuity and decision-making under pressure.

Competitive basketball drills like Cutthroat push you to test your limits, compete against teammates, and strive for excellence. By practicing these drills regularly, you’ll develop the necessary skills to excel in game situations and become a more well-rounded player overall.

Drill 2 – Curl, Fade, Cut

The Curl, Fade, Cut drill is a versatile and effective exercise for improving your skills on the basketball court. This drill is particularly beneficial for guards and small forwards who need to constantly read the defender’s positioning and make quick decisions.

During the Curl, Fade, Cut drill, you will practice different offensive moves based on the defender’s position. If the defender is trying to deny you the ball, you can curl around a screen to get open. If the defender is playing off you, you can fade to create space for a jump shot. And if the defender overcommits, you can make a backdoor cut to get to the basket.

This drill not only enhances your offensive skills but also develops your basketball IQ. By practicing these moves repeatedly, you become more adept at reading the defense, making the right decisions, and executing the appropriate offensive moves.

Benefits of the Curl, Fade, Cut drill:

  • Improves reading and reacting to the defender’s positioning
  • Enhances shooting techniques off curl, fade, and cut moves
  • Develops basketball IQ and decision-making skills
  • Enhances overall offensive skills

Full Court Basketball Drill

Drill 3 – Two-Ball Dribbling

One of the most effective ways to improve your ball-handling skills in basketball is to challenge yourself with advanced drills. Two-Ball Dribbling is a medium to hard difficulty drill that will elevate your ability to handle the ball with precision and control. By using two basketballs simultaneously, you will enhance your coordination and concentration while dribbling.

This drill consists of various stationary and moving exercises, including alternating dribbles and uneven dribbles. These exercises will push you to focus on maintaining control over both hands and develop muscle memory for advanced dribbling moves. Whether you’re a guard looking to break through pressure defenses or a forward looking to beat defenders off the dribble, Two-Ball Dribbling will take your ball-handling skills to the next level.

Practice this drill consistently, starting with slower movements and gradually increasing your speed as you become more comfortable. Challenge yourself by incorporating different dribbling moves, such as crossovers and between-the-legs dribbles, into the drill. Remember to maintain proper form and technique throughout the exercise to maximize your skill development.

Benefits of Two-Ball Dribbling:

  • Improved coordination and concentration
  • Enhanced ball-handling skills with both hands
  • Increased control and precision while dribbling
  • Development of advanced dribbling moves

By incorporating Two-Ball Dribbling into your basketball practice drills, you will challenge yourself to become a more versatile and skilled player on the court. This drill is particularly beneficial for advanced players who are looking to take their ball-handling skills to the next level. Remember to start slowly and gradually increase the difficulty as you progress. With consistent practice and dedication, you’ll see significant improvements in your ability to handle the ball and make plays on the court.

Drill 4 – Full Speed Shooting

When it comes to basketball, being able to shoot under pressure and with fatigue is crucial for success in game situations. That’s where the Full Speed Shooting drill comes in. This medium to hard difficulty drill is designed to help guards and small forwards improve their shooting abilities in fast-break scenarios.

The drill starts with players sprinting in full speed from half-court to different shooting spots on the court, simulating the fast-paced nature of real games. The goal is to develop the necessary energy, speed, and shooting techniques required to perform well in challenging situations. By practicing this drill regularly, players can fine-tune their shooting skills while under pressure and become more confident in their ability to score when it matters most.

Overall, the Full Speed Shooting drill is a valuable addition to any basketball conditioning program. It not only helps players improve their shooting accuracy and consistency but also enhances their conditioning and ability to perform at a high level in fast-break situations. Incorporating this drill into your training routine will undoubtedly elevate your game and make you a more formidable scorer on the court.

The Importance of Fast Break Basketball Drills

Fast break basketball drills, like the Full Speed Shooting drill, are essential for players who want to excel in fast-paced game situations. Fast breaks are opportunities for quick scores before the defense has a chance to set up, and being able to capitalize on these opportunities can give your team a significant advantage. By practicing fast break drills, players can develop their speed, decision-making, and shooting skills under pressure, ultimately making them more effective in game-time situations.

Drill 5 – Post “Crab” Dribble Moves

As a basketball player, mastering post moves is crucial to becoming a more effective scorer in the paint. One of the key moves for big men is the post “crab” dribble. This medium difficulty drill focuses on developing strong dribble moves over both shoulders, allowing you to confidently take the ball to the hoop or execute other post moves.

To perform this drill, start by positioning yourself in the low post area with a defender guarding you. Begin by dribbling the ball with a strong crab dribble, protecting it with your body and keeping your dribble low. From there, you have various options to attack the basket. You can go for a layup, perform a drop step move, or even execute a jump hook shot.

Dribble Move Options:

1. Layup: Use your dribble move to quickly explode to the basket for a layup, using your body to shield the ball from the defender.

2. Drop Step: After the crab dribble, quickly drop-step in the opposite direction and power up for a strong layup or dunk.

3. Jump Hook: With the crab dribble, pivot towards the baseline and execute a jump hook shot using your inside hand, extending your arm fully for better accuracy.

Practicing this drill will help you become more comfortable with post moves and improve your scoring ability in the paint. Remember to stay low, protect the ball, and be strong with your dribble. Developing these skills will make you a valuable asset to your team and give you an advantage against defenders in the post.

Basketball Player Performing Post Crab Dribble Move

Drill 6 – Two Ball Passing

Looking for some new basketball drill ideas to amp up your team’s competitiveness? Look no further than Two Ball Passing. This drill is perfect for players of all positions and skill levels, helping improve passing accuracy, timing, and decision-making.

In this drill, one player performs bounce passes while the other player simultaneously executes chest passes. The goal is to coordinate your movements and focus on proper passing techniques from various angles and distances. This not only improves your passing skills but also enhances your overall court awareness and ability to make split-second decisions.

With Two Ball Passing, you’ll quickly see the benefits of practicing with two basketballs. It challenges you to improve your coordination and multitasking abilities, which are essential in fast-paced game situations. So whether you’re a point guard looking to set up your teammates or a big man working on outlet passes, this drill is a great addition to your training routine.

competitive basketball drills

Why Two Ball Passing is a Game-Changer

This competitive basketball drill helps players develop the skills needed to perform under pressure. By practicing passing with two basketballs, you’ll become more comfortable with split-second decision-making and improve your ability to execute accurate passes in tight spaces. Additionally, this drill cultivates teamwork and communication between players, as they must work together to coordinate their passes effectively.

Not only does Two Ball Passing enhance passing skills, but it also improves hand-eye coordination and overall ball control. By training with two basketballs, you’ll develop better control over dribbling and passing, enabling you to excel in game situations where you may be required to make quick, accurate passes while under defensive pressure.

So, if you’re looking for an exciting drill to inject some competitiveness into your training sessions, give Two Ball Passing a try. It’s a fun and effective way to develop your passing skills, improve decision-making, and enhance your overall performance on the court.

Drill 7 – Full Speed Dribbling

When it comes to advanced basketball drills, full speed dribbling is a must-try. This drill is designed to improve your dribble-to-pull-up moves at full speed, making it perfect for guards looking to create scoring opportunities off the dribble. The drill focuses on agility, decision-making, and shooting techniques required to succeed in fast-paced game situations.

During full speed dribbling, imagine the defender as a trash can positioned on the court. As you dribble at full speed towards the “defender,” you’ll need to make quick moves such as crossovers or in-and-outs, and then decide whether to take a strong move to the hoop or pull up for a jump shot. This drill helps you develop the necessary skills to read the defense, react quickly, and make split-second decisions.

Mastering Full Speed Dribbling

To master full speed dribbling, start by practicing your quick moves and change of direction. Work on your crossovers, in-and-outs, and hesitation moves. Focus on maintaining control of the ball while executing these moves at high speed. Remember to keep your eyes up, scanning the court for opportunities.

Additionally, practice your shooting techniques off the dribble. Work on your pull-up jump shots, both going to your strong hand and your off hand. Develop a quick release and practice shooting under pressure. This will help you become a more versatile scorer and increase your effectiveness on the court.

advanced basketball drills

Full speed dribbling is a challenging drill that requires a high level of skill and athleticism. Incorporating this drill into your basketball conditioning drills will not only improve your speed and agility but also enhance your decision-making and shooting abilities. With practice and dedication, you can become a more dynamic and effective player when attacking the defense.

Drill 8 – Defensive Lane Slides

Defensive Lane Slides is an essential drill for improving defensive skills, footwork, and pivoting techniques. Whether you’re a guard, forward, or center, mastering defensive maneuvers is crucial for shutting down opponents and becoming a valuable asset to your team. This drill focuses on lateral movements along the lane, helping you develop the necessary agility and quickness to stay in front of your man.

To perform Defensive Lane Slides, start in a low defensive stance with your feet shoulder-width apart. Stay light on your toes and maintain a good balance throughout the drill. Begin sliding laterally across the lane, moving from one side to the other while keeping your hips low and chest up. Focus on quick, controlled movements and emphasize maintaining a proper defensive stance at all times.

As you become more comfortable with the drill, challenge yourself by incorporating variations such as front-to-back and back-to-front slides. This will further enhance your defensive footwork and help you react quickly to different offensive movements. Remember to stay focused and give it your all during each repetition, as consistency is key to improving your defensive skills.

Key Points:

  • Start in a low defensive stance with feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Slide laterally across the lane, maintaining a low and balanced position.
  • Incorporate front-to-back and back-to-front slides for added challenge.
  • Focus on quick, controlled movements and maintaining a proper defensive stance.
  • Stay consistent and dedicated to improving your defensive skills.

Drill 9 – Mikan/Reverse Mikan

The Mikan/Reverse Mikan drill is a valuable addition to any basketball player’s practice routine. This drill focuses on improving finishing skills around the basket, making it ideal for both big men and guards looking to enhance their scoring abilities. By refining coordination, footwork, and shooting technique, players can become more efficient when attacking the rim.

Key Benefits of the Mikan/Reverse Mikan Drill

The Mikan/Reverse Mikan drill offers several key benefits for players of all positions:

  • Improved finishing skills: By practicing close-up layups from both sides of the basket, players develop strong finishing moves that can be applied in game situations.
  • Enhanced coordination: This drill requires players to alternate shooting from one foot to the other, helping them develop coordination and balance when attacking the basket.
  • Refined footwork: The Mikan/Reverse Mikan drill emphasizes precise footwork, teaching players to navigate around defenders effectively and find scoring opportunities near the hoop.

How to Perform the Mikan/Reverse Mikan Drill

To execute the Mikan/Reverse Mikan drill, follow these steps:

  1. Stand on one side of the basket, facing the hoop.
  2. Using one foot, shoot a layup off the backboard, allowing the ball to bounce back to you.
  3. Immediately switch to the other foot and shoot another layup on the opposite side of the basket.
  4. Continue alternating sides and shooting layups, maintaining a smooth and fluid motion.
  5. Focus on using proper shooting technique, including a high release and soft touch on the ball.

Repeat this drill for a specific number of repetitions or a designated amount of time. As you become more comfortable with the Mikan/Reverse Mikan drill, gradually increase the speed and intensity to challenge yourself further.


After exploring a variety of full court basketball drills, it’s clear that regular practice is key to improving skills on the court. Incorporating these drills into your training routine will help enhance endurance, speed, and overall performance. Whether you’re a guard, big man, or any other position, these drills offer valuable opportunities to become a well-rounded player.

Remember to focus on proper technique and stay consistent in your practice. With dedication and hard work, you can master the game you love. So grab your basketball, gather your teammates, and let’s get started with these exciting basketball drill ideas!


Are these full court basketball drills suitable for players of all ages and skill levels?

Yes, these drills can be done by players of all ages and skill levels.

Do I need teammates to do these drills or can I do them individually?

You can do these drills both individually and with teammates.

How can the Cutthroat drill benefit guards and big men?

The Cutthroat drill helps improve defensive skills, decision-making, and overall game awareness for guards facing off against guards or big men against big men.

What does the Curl, Fade, Cut drill focus on?

The Curl, Fade, Cut drill focuses on reading the defender’s position, reacting accordingly, and enhancing shooting techniques off these moves.

What does the Two-Ball Dribbling drill help improve?

The Two-Ball Dribbling drill helps players improve their ball-handling skills with both hands and their ability to handle the ball with precision and control.

Who can benefit from the Full Speed Shooting drill?

The Full Speed Shooting drill is particularly beneficial for guards and small forwards who want to improve their shooting abilities in fast-paced game situations.

What does the Post “Crab” Dribble Moves drill focus on?

The Post “Crab” Dribble Moves drill focuses on improving big men’s post moves and their ability to score in the paint.

Who can benefit from the Two Ball Passing drill?

The Two Ball Passing drill benefits all players, regardless of position, by improving passing accuracy, timing, and decision-making.

What does the Full Speed Dribbling drill focus on?

The Full Speed Dribbling drill focuses on improving dribble-to-pull-up moves at full speed, particularly beneficial for guards who want to create scoring opportunities off the dribble.

Who can benefit from the Defensive Lane Slides drill?

The Defensive Lane Slides drill benefits all players by improving defensive skills, footwork, and pivoting techniques.

How can the Mikan/Reverse Mikan drill benefit players?

The Mikan/Reverse Mikan drill helps improve finishing skills around the basket and enhances coordination and footwork when attacking the rim.